If you are still wondering why it is important to hire a professional real estate photographer, I invite you to take a look at this photo! 

The top shot is from a cell phone, shot by someone who does not specialize in real estate photography. The bottom shot is photographed by me, unedited, and straight out of the camera. Now, imagine you are searching through home sites looking for a cozy, charming home in Knoxville. If the first photo pops up in your list of 75+ homes, you might just scroll by it, as it doesn’t capture your attention. But, if you saw the second photo, you might say “man, I could really see myself living here.”

Real estate photography can ultimately bring you more buyers just by them looking at the photos on their computer.

As a realtor, take a minute to decide which photo you would rather have to showcase your listings. Then, give me a call! Let’s create beautiful images together!

Two photos of the same house, brick with green siding


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