Welcome to the blog! Check-in weekly for new posts about the real estate market in East Tennessee and for interesting topics about real estate photography.

To kick things off, I want to start with a series about why professional photography matters and how it changes real estate listings.

Let’s start with you as a realtor… why should you choose to hire a pro when you could just shoot the home yourself with the newest iPhone features?


Professionalism is Key

Well, when it comes to selling a home, there are many things that homeowners look for in a realtor, but two really stand out: professionalism and success. Homeowners look at your previously sold homes-how long were they on the market, was the sale above asking, etc- but what happens if all they see are grainy pixelated cell phone photos? Your professionalism might come into question.


Prove Your Success

If homeowners peek at your previous listings and are captured by the beautiful images of sold homes, they will feel more inclined to use you to sell their property, not only because you did indeed sell them, but because you took the time and effort to hire someone with the ability to create show-stopping images.

By using a professional photographer, you are showing your clients that you are dedicated to showcasing their home to the best of its potential and selling it as quickly as possible. Professional photography captures potential buyers’ attention when searching online, therefore bringing more clients inside the home, in turn selling the home faster than listings without photography.



The number of homes you sell is important, but sellers want to see how you market their listing and to what extent you are willing to go for them. Hiring a professional photographer will help you sell your listing and yourself!

Tune in next week to see side-by-side comparisons of average cell phone photos versus professional, magazine-quality images.