Real Estate Photography

Real Estate Photographer for Knoxville, Maryville, & Surrounding Areas

After putting in the long hours preparing a home to go on the market, it deserves to shine in the brightest light for potential buyers, and Hardy Homes Photography offers the best real estate photography in the Knoxville area. Photos are the very first thing people will go to when researching properties, and there is an outstanding difference between professional and non-professional photos.

Delivery of web-ready images for MLS listings is guaranteed within 24 hours, and you can find information about packages here. In addition to photography, real estate videography & drone/aerial footage can propel listings to a higher value in the eye of the buyers. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions! I look forward to working with you.


It’s Brooke “The Miracle Worker” Hardy! Need I say more? As a realtor I need quality listing photos, no exceptions. There has not been a single time in my whole career she has not delivered above and beyond. I have been told personally by other agents that her photos “sold” their client on the home. If you want “pictures worth a thousand words” call Brooke.

Rance Cagle

Brooke has been my go real estate photographer since I met her! She doesn’t over filter, distort or create a non realistic depiction of the properties. This is so important! She’s energetic, helpful, honest & professional. Best part about her? She’s become someone I know I can trust. Do yourself a favor, call her!

Micki Dalton

Brooke Hardy is my Go-To Photographer for all my Client Listings. Her professionalism and eye for detail come out in all her work. Her fast turnaround time allows me to list a property, and get it on the market quickly. In this year of change, her video walkthroughs allow clients to visually see the property before visiting the actual home. Partnering with Brooke has definitely added to my success as a Realtor.

Dawn Moats